Перевод песни Parenthetical Girls – This Regrettable End

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Might the strings swell again
Sound then sadly descend
For to lend due respect
This regrettable end
For i slept with the best
As ive wept with the rest
Ever blessed with this sense
Some swift end might be met
Could those strings swell again
Lest mine eyes well instead
For to lend bated breath
Less this life that ive left
Yet our song soldiers on
Postscript first fell to fawn
Where each chord corresponds
Whom to all ive done wrong
Chest drawn of breath
Throat red as fresh stretched post-fuck flesh
Wed both sooner forget
And yet strange successions remind
Flush with desperate decline
Certain prides thus obliged
Ive resigned to this life
Rife with primes passed behind
Strains of wrasp wearied rhyme
And no time to surmise all my wherefores and whys
Though i suppose should it help to know
Im oh so glad to go
What with woe-soaked underclothes
And were that this the final phrase cast from these lovely lips
I pray remember this
Remember this
What once was wed with ones past
Though now no strings attached
For the lust or its lack just can’t help coming back
Well past reprieve weve reached each creased
Of ceaseless griefs weve seen
Save this one brief relief