Перевод песни Parts & Labor – Prefix Free

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Beware behold the bliss of the believer
Assured insured and righteous to the bone
The rapt indentured servant and retriever
So blessed invests in hope I’ve never known
So happy now
At peace somehow
So happy now
At peace somehow
I can’t abide the lies we tell our children
A pale disguise mortality disowned
I’ll step aside pretend to be a villain
My deaf ear cries a king without a throne
So happy now
At peace somehow
So happy now
At peace somehow
Nameless prefix free logic luxury
So the truth is what cannot be known
But they’d rather be embraced by certainty
Easier to tell but not be shown
And the guilt’s the thing like an insect sting
Keeps me scratching shivering on the floor
I still hear them sing like an alarm clock’s ring
I can’t seem to fall asleep no more
Who’d want to
Unfazed unwise abandon all tradition
Fear not those arrows shattering in their bows
Must I despise the smallest congregation
Awake ablaze I won’t be alone