Перевод песни Parts & Labor – Brighter Days

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
i went away to see some friends that i had made
back in brighter days
they had not aged they just found a very cozy cage
and that was where they stayed
the sunlight barely carved its way into the room
the windows painted on the walls
and i found no answers
no cures no cancers
no path no brighter way
uninvited guests in our heads best arrested
questioning our time
entertained to death
at best a peaceful unrest
sleep with open eyes
i'll swim in hell and i will get to know it well
and all the birds will sing their song inside my cell
to a couch-bound scarecrow with a desk-bound stare so dense
blow out the candles now
and when I stop to look
there's no more need for thoughts or books
just a mouth and eyes
the dead connections fed the buzz and crackle in my head
memorize your lines