Перевод песни Ladyhawk – Came In Brave

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Saturday night we went downtown
But i beat it back home, I couldn't take no more
I heard the voice of the street through the window
And it sang me to sleep on the bathroom floor
'Cause my bed is an open grave tonight
It gives no rest, just cold eyes open
And back out to the clouds and rain
I can feel my face growing paler by the day
There's a fire in the basement, so help me girl
'Cause I want you now more than anything else
They came in brave and just put it out
And i realized that I could go any time
But oh my baby blue, I don't care
'Cause i've been gone so long
Out getting high on the back porch
I sing to the empties and cigarette butts
And I know that the song is about you
And I'd sing to your face, but I've got no guts
And the mice are an angel choir tonight
They squeak right in on the hallelujah
I'll clear my head and close my eyes
And I'll get up late and I'll give up hope in the end