Перевод песни Vince Gill – Workin' On A Big Chill

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Here comes the weekend
Sure could use some relaxation to shake these blues
Fill up the cooler with a little good cheer
Hand me my sun shades
I’m checkin' out of here
I’m workin' on a big chill
Lord I’m workin' on a big chill
Hook up the camper, head for the lake
Sit on my tailbone, them fish can wait
Pick up my baby, she’s going too
A little skinny dippin', Lord is good for you
I’m workin' on a big chill
I’m workin' on a big chill
Now we ain’t leavin' till the suds are gone
Call everybody, there’s a party going on
Come Monday morning it’s back to the grind
Come on baby, let’s have a good time
We’ll be workin' on a big chill
We’ll be workin' Lord on a big chill
We’ll be workin' on a big chill
We’ll be workin' baby on a big chill