Перевод песни Evangelicals – Here in the Deadlights

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It was the strangest week
I come to in the county seat
With my hands tied fast behind my back
Remembering, running through the rotting leaves...
St. Nike, please, help me now
The fox, the fawn, the floodlight drawn
Illuminates everything, and all you ever wanted to see
Be careful what you do with all your choices
And don't give up the fantasies for lies
And don't believe everything that you hear
Cause they're alcoholics who can't dream
And they want you to feel the same
And you know you've got to listen to the wind
Before you're taken in
At the brook
You know I couldn't read the signs
I crossed my eyes on the dotted lines
That fence post looks familiar
So does the painted horse... Which way to turn now
Is it left or right?
Confusion in everything I see
Oh little stranger, what have you done?
You're a suicidal in the setting sun
Oh and is it a dream?
But if it's real what does it mean?
It's a hummer made of Hollandaise and glass
Drinking glasses filled with gin and gasoline
An iPod with 10,000 boring songs
But isn't there one summing up the terrible summer you've just had?
Sinner man, Nina Simone, The other woman...
And where you gonna run to now my friend?
Now that the Evening Descends
A well lit heated castle in the sky
With Simon Belmont, Doris Day, and Camel Lights