Перевод песни Barenaked Ladies – One Little Slip

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It was a recipe for disaster
A four course meal of no sirree
It seemed that happily ever after
Was happy everyone was after me It was a cup of good intentions
A tablespoon of one big mess
A dash of overreaction
I assume you know the rest
One little slip, One little slip
It was a fusion of confusion
With a few confounding things
I guess I probably took the wrong direction
Well, I admit I might have missed a sign or two
I ran a light past your affection
At Humiliation Avenue
Took a right turn at confusion
A left when I should've gone straight on through
I ran ahead with my assumptions
We all know what that can do I get the feeling in this town
I'll never live 'til I live down
The one mistake that seems
To follow me around
But they'll forget about the sky
When they all realize this guy's
About to try to learn to fly
Or hit the ground
One little slip, One little slip
It was a humble little stumble
With a big un-graceful...