Перевод песни Anne Sofie Von Otter – Costello: For The Stars

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The stars were so much brighter then
They dim and die
So why pretend
The sky goes on forever
But if they fade as science teaches
Poets lose the power of speech
Waste paper, ink and feather
If I'd taken up the trumpet
As I should have done
Then I wouldn't be Always losing sleep
While I'm trying to make this rhyme
For the stars
Were so much
They were so much brighter then
If I couldn't put a price on your head
What's the use of me trying
For the stars?
The morning comes, the days are
Just the time between
Until the dusk
When we can be together
If I'd taken up the drums
And I could play in time
If I had the power
Would I be wondering how
I'm ever going to write this down