Перевод песни Hothouse Flowers – Find the Time

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You know the way I could never say no
To anything at all
You know the way you just got to let go
Before you take the fall
You came out of the smoke before me I had to take you in
Then right there you spoke and told me you’re ready to begin
So I’ll find the time, take all day
Find a smile and find the way
Took the time went for a stroll somewhere I’d never been
Kick the ball let it roll and watch it spin
I know that we can bring this through
All we got to do is start
Take a positive step forward to the scary part of the heart
And find the time take all day
Find a smile and find the way
Woke up late last night, never felt so good
Went outside for a walk, went tripping through the wood
Back to bed to think of you, babe I’ll see you soon
But instead of you I’ll send my kisses straight up to the moon
And find the time, find the day
Find a smile and find the day…
Oh baby baby baby baby, find a smile and find the way
We can bring this through, we can bring this through