Перевод песни Flamin' Groovies – Between The Lines

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You've been down for so long
Can't seem to find out what's wrong
Though I've tried and tried
To see what's behind those dark eyes
And then you try
To hand me a line
Like it's alright for me to be unkind
Oh, you swine
Can't you see what you've done
You've got me on the run
Girl, you know I've cried
Night after night
Pardon me But if you get time
Please drop me a line
Some little white lines
Would blow my mind
It'll be fun
One more time
If you could be with me now
I'd make you see it somehow
But you won't take the time
To see what's inside of my mind
But if you get time
Please send me a line
Or maybe two
To blow my mind
I'll be there for a time
But then we'll say bye