Перевод песни Carly Simon – Dan, My Fling

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I said that I felt jailed up
As if our doors were nailed up
I said I needed separate places
Parties, room to move around in
I said I needed my fling
Had to get out and do some other thing
It took me months to calculate
That I had nothing left without you-
Dan, my fling is all flung out
Now I’ve got to fall back on dreams
I thought I’d try and write you
I thought I’d try and phone you
I thought I’d try to tell you
That I smell your hair still on my pillow
But you’d just mile to please me
You’d shake your head, you’d tease me —
Remind me it was I who first claimed
That we both required freedom
I’d dream up schemes to meet you
I’d nonchalantly greet you
I’d ask you up for coffee
Anytime you had an hour open
You say you like my hair long
You ask me if I’ve written any new songs
You’d laugh, you’d turn and cross the street
And leave me dizzy with your laughter —
I hear you’re leaving this town
You and some girl gonna travel around
You bought a car with foldback seats
You’ll camp out by the lakes and forests
I lie alone in our old bed
Your laughter it’s echoin' inside my head
I close my eyes, I smell your hair
It’s like I haven’t slept in years —