Перевод песни Russ Taff – One And Only Love

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The folks said it'll never last
And don't you know a teenage love
Don't stand a snowball's chance
They married in the spring
He pawned his old guitar
For their wedding rings
They got a three room apartment
On the wrong side of town
And old beat up truck
With the muffler draggin' the ground
Chorus 1:
Only love makes you bet your heart
When you know one out of two get torn apart
Only love makes you lay it on the line
It's a chance worth takin' just to find
That one and only love
As the years rolled on They found themselves so far apart
In their two story home
One day he loaded up his car
And she said promise me you'll call
And let me know where you are
That night he called her from his motel room
And when talkin' turned to cryin'
That's when they knew
Chorus 2:
Only love takes you by the heart
And tells you when you haven't been so smart
Only love survives the worst of times
So count your many blessings if you find
That one and only love
Repeat Chorus 1 Twice