Перевод песни Floetry – My Apology

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I know you’re feeling hurt because of what I did to you
If it’s blame I’ll take it maybe we will make it through
Cause I love you, I love you
Think about it baby
I’m sorry for giving you the cold shoulder
Never been this wrong before
Never stood my ground and breathed it in before
All I wanted to do is hold ya
Never felt so brave and so afraid before
Never faced alone and felt the peace before
With tears in my eyes I come to you sincerely
Excepting this space I’m in
Growing outta the phase where I just wanna win
You act as though you don’t even hear me
Look at me baby… look at me
I know you
I released my grief it was a heavy load
Survived the sleep and now I’m letting go
Waking up and living up to what I had proposed
Woman now
I love the girl I used to be
Ever step she took was reaching out to me
Every breath is blessed responsibility
We made it baby
I can’t control your feelings
(Feel me)
I can’t take back, what I’ve done
(With my hand on my heart,)
I’m coming to you sincerely
If you hear me
I know you
Think about it
We know better
But love has no expectations
So I don’t expect you to do anything
Think about it
This is for me
I’m offering this to you
To free myself
Cause I know what I have to do
This is my apology
Think about it baby