Перевод песни Jodi Benson – I Love My Neighbors

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Jodi: «I konw that should love god.» a man what said to jesus. i should love
him with all my heart. and i should love my neighbor too! but who is my
Cowboy: Ah Ah Ah Howdy Neighbor!
Kid: You’ve gotta love your Neighbor!
Man: Hi Neighbor! Huh
Man # 2: I Love My Neighbors
# 1: Now, I was busy chillin one saturday afternoon. DC, though was in walkmen
and i was enjoy it too…
I saw begin sip on my slurp i caught up to a cue your sight.
You see, the neighbor turn my left which is the neighbor turn my right.
They argue up and down the street, the fight kinda twined.
until they turn and bump their head fell on them behind!
I Love My Neighbors — My Neighbors
you’ve gotta love them when they’re up — you’ve gotta love them were down.
I Love My Neighbors — My Neighbors
cause of love will make them smile — even take away the frown.
# now i was down and right got up and walk unto his house
they’re crank and staring yo so loud and all of my neighbors came out.
they look and left just lying there but watch their minds dismaid.
they turn their backs and shut their doors or left of lefaty laid.
i ran and left and help him up and walk unto his door.
and said «i do it again cause that’s was neighbors are for!»
Bridge: I do it again, my friend, I do it again!
i do it again cause that’s was neighbors are for
Man: good morning, neighbor
Man # 2: I Love My Neighbors
Man # 3: can you come outside and play?
Man # 4: Listen, neighbor, you’ve gotta get out there and clean these streets
Man # 5: and leave these corners done in the american life
Man # 6: does everybody have a cup of sugur
Man # 7: good morning, mrs. barber
Man # 8: could you keep the music down a little bit
Man # 9: all i Do is go outside and play, mom?
Man # 10: Quiet
# 3: so each and every time you see a down and out,
just give a lift and lefty, man. and don’t forget to shout?
Talking At once