Перевод песни Frank Sinatra – Then Suddenly Love [The Frank Sinatra Collection]

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I never caught stardust that fell from the skies
I never saw moonlight in anyone's eyes
Then suddenly love kicks in the window
Love knocks down the door
Love, it sat down and told me Lover, what are you waiting for?
I never heard bluebirds, the songs that they sing
I never get crazy, not even in spring
Then suddenly love struck me like lightning
Love it blew up a storm
Love suddenly grabbed me, and ooh, was it cozy and warm
'Cause I found you, now I no longer just exist
Ooh, what a change, it started from the time we kissed
(And now we hear bluebirds), they hear bluebirds
(We're learning that tune) they like that tune
(And even yon moonlight) all that pretty moonlight
(Comes down about you) Hotdog, them love, it's still on a heaven
Love, it gave me a shove
, I'm a-hearing those
'Cause suddenly