Перевод песни Steve Wynn – When She Comes Around

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Red hair, green tights
She told me never to ask any questions
Midnight, the moon is right
She walks over in my direction
No surprise from the passing eyes
She leans over the windowsill
Time flies and a new disguise
Imagination and a 20-dollar bill
When she comes around
When she comes around
All riddles and games
When she comes around
When she comes around
There's nothing to explain
Lady Godiva, truck driver
Telling secrets that nobody knows
Late at night, she turns off the light
She never takes off all of her clothes (ch)
No excuses for fresh bruises
Some boys don't understand
She's so selective from her perspective
She knows how hard it is to be a man
Betty Davis, Clark Gable
Cheap photos from a carnival stall
Some lives work as fables
Some lives don't work at all (ch)