Перевод песни Steve Wynn – Drag

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Saved the best for later
Came with a big surprise
When later came like a runaway train
And smacked you right between the eyes
Staring down the shadows of love
With lust and envy and greed
Well its not too hard when you realize
There's still a million things that you need
Bit her lip with precision and wit
Passed out like punctuation
Left me here and trembling
Reeling from the situation
What a drag it is
Sometimes you just gotta laugh
What a drag it is
Learned my share of lessons
Held on like a loyal hound
I was torn from the roots in a cobra suit
Never never never never hit the ground
Alibis ring tight through the night
I dont believe you but its alright
Look around and then you'll see
All the losers get in free round here
I had a dream last night
The choir was singin «We love you»
Pools of sweat that you can't forget
Place your bets
Goodnight Irene