Перевод песни Alice Cooper – Give the Kid a Break

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Don’t know why I’m down here
Must be something I said
Or some small imperfection
In my soul or in my head
Don’t know why I’m down here
Don’t reserve to roast or bake
I’m fighting off slanderous allegations
Why don’t you give the kid a break?
You don’t think maybe we could talk this over?
You’re a reasonable man
Could we discuss my grave situation?
I’m a miserable man
And I’m in the frying pan
Give the kid a break
(Give me one good reason why I should)
Give the kid a break
Well… all right, all right, so I made a few mistakes
But listen, for heaven’s sake
(Watch your language, kid)
OK, OK, don’t get hot
(Don't question my judgement)
(He only reaped what he sowed)
(He cast his pearls before swine)
(And that’s good enough for me)
(I don’t want to talk it over)
(Even though I’m a reasonable man)
(Sonny, from over here)
(Looks like you’re in no position to bargain)
(You're a convicted man)
(You're right in the frying pan)
Give the kid a break
Yeah, please, give me a break
Give the kid a break
(Nah, I don’t think so, man)
Come on, you know I got what it takes
Can’t you give me a break?
(Sure thing kid, when hell freezes over)
Ok, don’t give the kid a break
Hey you guys, I thought you were on my side
Don’t give the kid a break
Yeah, well thanks a lot, pals
Listen boss, maybe we can make a little deal
Is there anything I can say
Or some kind of fine I can pay?
Don’t know why I’m down here
Must be something I said, I’m sorry
Or some small imperfection
In my soul or in my head
It might be some sort of imperfection
It might be some infection
Or a clear case of misdirection
It must be a small imperfection
In my soul or in my head
Give the kid a break