Перевод песни John Martyn – Goin' Down To Memphis

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Now when I woke up this morning
My wife she drove me from my door
When I woke up this morning
Wife she drove me from my door
Said go away sweet daddy
I don’t need you no more
I turned around, mama
Honey, what’s the matter now?
Won’t you turn around mama
Won’t you tell me, what’s the matter now
And I know you don’t love me
Why don’t you dig me anyhow
Hey, hey, mama
Won’t you try me back this one last time?
Please, please, mama
Won’t you try me back this one last time
And if I don’t do this
You might send me back on down the line
Now mama
Might never see my face again
Now hey, hey, mama
You might never see my face again
Goin' way down south to Memphis
Gonna catch myself a southbound train