Перевод песни Talib Kweli – In The Mood

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Talib Kweli:
Yes, welcome to the wonderful sounds of Talib Kweli
I got you in the mood, for an interlude
Raw like in the nude, I hope this ain't considered rude
But let's stop talkin, cause it's feelin like an interview
I know you into me, so, let me get into you
I'm always in the mood for laughin and lovin and rappin and *fcukin*,
And passin the dutch and Relaxin and puffin and hittin and duckin
The rippin production, these kittens ain't muffins
Just because we stuff 'em in the oven
My words drippin off the tongue like the wax from a candle wick
Ill the way I lay down the rap, they can't handle it Cats all sappy like romantic flicks, dude, get a clue
Like Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick
They holdin hands with these dudes like they goin steady
But, one glimpse and I know they ready, you already know
Slipped her a note like, 'you ready to go?'
We make a getaway plan and we head for the do'!
I wear the night like a cloak 'cause I move with the stars
Navigate through the truly bizarre
Who we are, who we is, it's the kids that stay true to this life
And if the mood is right, we gon' do it tonight
You messin up my mo', my whole mood, told y'all, oh Lose, eat crews like crews like soulfood
The only producer that feel like «fuck rappers!»
Only backpacker with a chip like hackers
Only Michael Richardson, only much blacker
So if he say nigga, then I'ma say *cracker*
Is this the Ritz? Carlton? Dress like, fresh, like, just like.
I'm the shit (Uggh)
You ain't figured out what I'm about yet
Always rockin that 'this ain't out yet'
But this ain't 'bout that
From a city where niggers plug like outlets
Far as music go yo, it ain't no outlets, so When I go out, niggers always out to get me in the studio
And I ain't in the mood to flow
I'm with my girl and I'm tryin to hit the movies yo And they tryna act stupid, oh!
In the club with Silicone Suzie
What happened to real girls like Rudy?
With real titties like Tooty
This girl got a silicone booty!
And got the nerve to act moody!
Now I ain't tryin to judge like Judy
But bitch you a man, you can't fool me!
Act like Fifty, throw her in a pool G...
Talib: Break it down
Bringin the drum, keep it funky like a stink in a slum
'Cause see they wanna breed cursin for the things that don't come
The speakers wrong that we rap dudes speakin in tongues
Christmas time choice for what? No we keepin our guns
Smokin a piff to cause a leak in your lungs
You ain't got shit to do like Friday when the weekend begun
Completely done with rap dudes — don't compete with the dumb
I spill my blood for the people, see how deep it can run?
I'm in the mood like Dante and Main Flow
Never comin with the same flow, got it's change, yo It's strange yo, to make yo chain glow, that's yo main goal
That's a facade like I'm somewhere over the rainbow
Really these cats sweeter than mangoes, Mr Bonjangles-ass dudes
Dancin around the club, doin the tango
Go hard like Iverson playin with hurt ankles
Plus, wrestle the topic from a different Kurt Angle!