Перевод песни Room 2012 – Fresh

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Yeah, you know how we do
Yeah… uh-huh, you know what time it is
(Fresh!) My name is Blueprint
You know how we do
(Fresh!) It’s that time again
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah
I’m the man the whole underground is talkin' 'bout
Cats stealin' my style before I even had an album out
Two years ago the same cats was doubtin' me
Heard me on «Alchemy,» now they sound like me
A bunch of powderpuffs rhymin' with aggression
Forgot to follow the steps of natural progression
I almost think you sat in on my sessions
You came to class on time but you didn’t study my lessons
You only got a piece of the genuine article
If I call you son it’s because I followed you
Thank me on your liner notes for makin it possible
Every year I change it up and make it harder for you
Now even art fags wanna sound conventional
Can’t rhyme on beat because they lack the rhythm to
You get cool points cause I’m the one you listen to
But lose 'em all cause you’re not original, but I’m
(Fresh!) Yeah you think you’re grown
Find somethin' else to do and stop bein' a clone
You’re not (Fresh!) You’ve been at it for years
Stop bitin' ideas, come up with somethin' on your own that’s
What these MCs be doin' y’all — straight sharkin'
What these cats out here be doin' - straight sharkin'
I don’t think they heard you man, they — straight sharkin'
Yeah, what these MCs be doin' - straight sharkin'
Man, these MC’s gotta lotta nerve
«I rhyme and do beats like you 'Print» — oh WORD?
Like I’mma grade you on a curve
My advice to you, master one of 'em first
You’re already a toy as it is
On top of that you wanna go ahead and spread yourself too thin
And just because I make it look easy
Doesn’t mean that any Tom, Dick and Harry can do this
That’s the kind of shit I’m talkin about
You been at it for a year and wanna put an album out
You haven’t even found your style
You didn’t even battle 'til you saw «8 Mile»
Talkin 'bout what you wrote
How you know so-and-so and you’re the next one to blow
You wanna rhyme and produce but suck at both
And if you get on stage with that, you’re headed for jokes