Перевод песни John David Souther – Bad News Travels Fast

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I may look like a loner.
But I’ve had my share.
You must be keeping a record of all this.
I guess I just don’t care.
I might forget the name you use.
And remember the way you walk.
The hours are falling like dorninoes.
Honey, this is no time to talk.
Bad news travels fast.
Good news neverlasts.
So talk nice to me when you pass.
I just got in from my hame town.
And you were there at the plane.
(With a sign saying) Welcome back to Hollywood.
Man, you look about the same.
So I said, I’m feellng just a little bit better, thank you.
You didn’t say a thing.
So then I said, nothing’s wrong, got some songs, and how long…
Are you gonna stick around for the sting, honey.
Bad news travels fast.
Good news never lasts.
So talk nice to me when you pass…
Just a poor little heartbroken parvenue.
With a tragic face.
Just one more dreamer who never could.
Find the time or the place.
You know, you see them down in dark saloons.
Leaning into the flames.
Or you might findthem where they fall.
Dead on Primrose Lene.
Bad news travels fast.
And good news never lasts.
So talk nice to me, talk nice to me.
(You oughta know) That bad nevis travels fast.
And gooa news never lasts.
So talk nice to people when you pass.
Talk nice when you pass.
Or won’t say nothin' at all.
Rernember not everybouy sees it.
Every time you fall.
So if you can’t say nothin' nice.
Well don’t say nothin' at all.
Talk softly to me and remember.
If you can’t come, call…
Now walk on. Walk on…