Перевод песни Brian McKnight – When Will I See You Again

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Can’t believe the daily news
It’s mostly bad said but true
I realize so close the end, near
The world is singing now so long
More weak than the days noar
Lord we need you now
Lord you said that you would come
And wipe away our tears, oh Lord
It’s been two thousand years since you were here
Lord you been gone, everythings go long
Just like your seven year would do But Lord I still believe
You’re comin back for me To take me home to live with you
Waitin day and night, for you to grab the sky
We’re comin to the end, tell me when
Will I see you again, my Lord
Tell me when, will I see you again
So many have no place to stay
Children have no place to play
It’s against Lord prayer school
I’m waiting for the day to come when
Every eyes see the sun till
There I’m gonna do what I gotta do Lord you said that you would come