Перевод песни Toy Love – Squeeze

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It's really so degrading
When you realise the raving's
Not for you or anything
You do or say or try to be
You want to burst out crying
When you see how they've been lying
What's the use
Nobody's gunna see
Cos I'm a fraud and I'm a sham
You tell yourself
That's what I am
And wallow in the guilt and shame
Absorbing all the soothing blame
The loving finger points at you
As you whip your back with thorns
It's such a crazy squeeze
It's got me on my knees
Begging pleaseThe quilt you feel you're feeling
As the skin is slowly peeling
From your back
With tender loving care, oh yeah
Is why I stand here grinning
You atoning for your sinning's
Such a joke
I wonder how you dare
Cos I'm a fraud and I'm a sham
But I accept that's what I am
And welcome it with open arms
Embracing all its subtle charms
Cos it's a part of me
And me is all I've got