Перевод песни R.E.M. – Wanderlust

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Looks like I pulled a fast one
Looks like I went to town
Looks like the world revolves around me Looks like it's falling down
I thought I'd kicked the traces
I thought the wheels would spin
I thought I'd jumped the fence and bolted
Looks like I'm back again
I got my signals crossed
It's overwhelming because
I'm all alone and I can't get back
Get back with my wanderlust
I had to grab a suitcase
I had to change my clothes
I had to run the shower hot
Until the water froze
I brushed against confusion
I wanted time to grow
I want the sticks and stones not to throw me Get back to what I know
I'm searching for a greatness
I smear it on my face
I want to bathe in grape must
Swim the length of the milky way
I want it to be brilliant
I want it to be sweet
I want to kiss the astronauts
When they salute to me me me me