Перевод песни Transplants – Quick Death

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«And I ask you, my brothers and sisters, who is the true animal?»
Looks so violent, death is silent
Beating me with your words
I'm bleeding now
Battled to your head
And degenerating here at the brand new hope
Devils surround me
Anger astounds me
Tearing apart my soul
Beneath my guts
About to go outside
But he don't realize they
Seem to have lost control
«And now, my brothers and sisters, the inversion begins»
Forever in night light, losing in hindsight
Ownership changes hands
You'll never know
It only gets through me
Causing a slow death
Welcome to human hell
I got you a new fate
Back in the sweepstakes
Leaving the streets behind
Your final sign
Silence is true peace
Don't ever read me
Aloud cause I'll take your life
I'll have you
Wishing for
I'll have you
Wishing for
A quick death
A quick death
A quick death