Перевод песни The Slackers – The Mummy

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So here it come
Living in a pyramid
If you ask me why his name
Fill me with such dread
I say why are Eskimo nose's always colored red
I said why
Why cause he's the mummy
He always walks in From up on that hill
With a beady little triangle Egypt eye
On the back of your dollar bill
And if the devil himself don't get it Well lord knows one day I will
I said uhhhhhhhh watch out
Cause he's a mummy
Some call it robbery
Some call it rape
When he call you up now baby
I beg you don't be late
Cause he's gonna wrap you up In his red red tape when he starts to calculate
I said uhhh
Watch out
Cause he's a mummy (yeah)
When you see him coming
Lord you better get
If you don't know what he want
His name rhymes with it Mummy
He's going to wrap you up baby
He'll take your cup, he might even take your ___?
I say uhhhh watch out
Cause he's a mummy
So I said if you get scared
Of all them ghouls & ghost
Well he's the one
That you should fear the most
And waiting for your baby
He waiting for you down on 210 East Post Road
I said uhhhhh watch out
Cause he's a mummy (yeah)
One more time
I said watch out
Cause he's a mummy
I said watch out
Cause he's a mummy