Перевод песни The Brand New Heavies – Sometimes

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Talkin' 'bout a revolution, or maybe just a change of mind
Working on my constitution, I began to realize
I've been doin' wrong forever, trouble was my favourite game, yeah
Breakin' hearts I tought was so clever
But, I'm the one who got hurt playin'.
I never could see it comin', no
Never could feel it 'til its come and gone
But, all of that don't mean nothin', no
When you're all alone
Sometimes you gotta do right to be happy
One time you gotta believe in what you feel inside
Sometimes you gotta do right to find happiness
Sometimes, sometimes
(Gotta do right, cha gotta do right, ahh sometimes)
You're lookin' at a transformation
That's brought about a change in me
Love's a brand new situation, never have I felt so free
'Cause I can see it comin' - yeah
And I can feel it callin' louder. Now
Lovin' is so rewarding — yeah
When you let it out
Repeat chorus twice
(Gotta do right, cha gotta do right, ahh sometimes, sometimes x4)