Перевод песни Atomic Swing – Envy Moon

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Envy moon enjoy the scandals
For I'm going to split from my ally
Envy moon shine on with pride tonight
For you made my precious leave our plans behind
Envy moon you're in my trousers
You liven up the corps within my closet
Envy moon you're diggin' in dirty laundry
In dirty stories, better would be left behind
I guess someone surely would be thrilled to know
If it's itching like ivy under my panties
Envy moon the notice you gained is fleeting
But my love forever leaving it all behind Well, I guess I had some thing you
did not
So I guess it feels good to see me loose
But now I did you know something you didn't know
How it feels to loose in a public view Well, somehow I don't think she was that
Curious to know about my old missdemenaours
During my brain storms
Envy moon pride is another story
And my love is leaving it all behind Well no one shall judge no other note for
Because some days are blue notes
But years make'm music
Envy moon you don't have the carrying pieces
So please leave my troubles, leave it, it all behind
Can you leave my troubles, leave it, it all behind...