Перевод песни Big Money – Ruby Slippers

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Stuck on this yellow brick road
And I don't know what to do
It's like I'm going in circles
And I can barely move
It's like I'm dreaming in real life 'cause I can't
Get my mind off you, now I
PRE-Now I don't know why I am so afraid
To let go of everything we used to be
And somehow you still got this hold on me
(Turn this up if you if you stuck in love)
I'm like the scarecrow
'Cause I can't get me brain off you
(You) you (you) you (you)
I'm like the cowardly lion
Tryna get the courage to (to)
Get over you
I'm like the tin man
Dealing with my broken heart (heaaart)
Heaaart (heaaart) heaaart (heaaart)
You're like my Dorothy
And I need you to come back
Come back, come back home
Please come back home
One day it's over
The next day you say you love me now
It's back and forth'
I can't take it we've got to figure out
It's like recording a twister
But our time pass is running out, oh
PRE-I need a new brain
One day this it will refuse
Dream of you
I need a new heart
One day has a mend too
What is been through, is been through
I need to wake up and see
That this was all a dream
I'm still alone
Clic your heels and come home
(If you stuck in love, love)
Please come back home
Home, home
Just shoe your ruby slippers
Ruby slippers, ruby slippers
There's no place like home