Перевод песни Get Well Soon – A Burial At Sea

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4 a. m
Wake up call
It’s time now
Oh boy
All in all
I’ve had my share
And tears
If everything
Goes down
With everyone
The whole family
And if the whole world relies on me now
And I have no hope myself?
What do they say is the world’s reward?
They’ll name the new gym after me
Trick or treat
Someone says
Now all is
At stake
Sweaty hands
A hurting neck
Just like the
First time
Then everything
Falls down
And everyone
Is around
Let the camera roll
And action
Top of my wishlist, to die misunderstood
To be larger than life after death
To be quoted in books still to come
And second, a burial at sea
Far away the ocean
Far away the sea
Far away the ocean
Far away the sea
Maybe it could be that I pushed it too far
That way fate can’t be tricked
Rented a car on my holiday in Greece
And drove gently off the edge