Перевод песни Jane Monheit – Surrender

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Never mind the dishes
Piled high in the sink
Never mind the weather
Or your work day
You been running
All day long
Trying to be everything
To everybody
Everything to everybody
Lets be still and see what a Little silence can bring
Go on and lose yourself
For just a little while
Right now no one
Is aiming to impress
Right now more is less
No this is not a test
On the world
The world is hard enough
And you cant always be made
Of the toughest stuff
So just surrender
Oh surrender
Let worries all fall from your face
Knowing this is the safest place
To surrender
Come on surrender
Its only us Giving in to trust
And come tomorrow
Its back to the everyday
And come to tomorrow
Its business as usual
There will be lots of time
For the daily grind
But now hold on tight
Look me in the eye
And dont let go Give me something we can wrap our hearts around
Oh wrap our hearts around
When theres nothing right
And nothing wrong
Nothing not weak or strong
And nothing left to prove
Its only us giving in to trust