Перевод песни Chubby Checker – Birdland

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Who likes Birdland
Oh Yeah
Yeah come on baby and fly with me Just as easy as a abc
It's got the rythmn and the rock and roll
A little cha cha gonna move my soul
Yeah come on baby and we're gonna swing
Come on and show me how you sake that thing
Look at Susie who lives next door
She can shake it but she shake it more
Now fly whoo, fly whoo, fly
By jove I think she's got it Come on baby
Birdland Susie
Do it sis
Easy baby
Momma Momma let's Birdland now
Sly, fly, ar right, I'm satisfied
Momma Momma Birdland now
I like Birdland
You like Birdland
He likes Birdland
She likes Birdland
We like Birdland