Перевод песни Angie Stone – Hey Mr. DJ

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Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Hey, mr. DJ, let me thank you
Just for playing this song
I know it’s been way too long
Since something like this came along
That makes the ladies dance
Make them fellas clap their hands
We do appreciate
The way you take this an invigorate
Never get enough attention (never)
Never take the time to mention (take the time)
How’d you keep the party jumping
How’d you keep the whisky bumping, bumping
Hey, mr. DJ, we depend on you
To keep the spark, keep it hot
Give me all you’ve got
We’re gonna have a party
We’re gonna do it all night
We’re gonna have a good time
And you’re gonna make it all right
We’re gonna have a party
We are in the spotlight
You’re gonna make it just right
And we’re gonna dance 'till sunlight, sunlight
To all my friends, friends and a loved one
And I just wanna thank you
This jam is just for you
To express my gratitude
For supporting me down through the years
Come all the wrecks that fears
So go ahead and do your thing
I dropped this so you can party
Take it to the left, take it to the left
Wiggle to the right, move it to the right
Pull it to the back, pull it to the back
Push it to the front
Let’s dip, ladies (dip, ladies)
Come one and dip, ladies (dip, ladies)
Come on and get down (dip, ladies)
We’re gonna have a party
We’re gonna do it all night
We’re gonna do it all night
Good time
We’re gonna make it alright
We’re gonna make it alright
We’re gonna have a party
We gonna have a spotlight
You could make it just right
We’re gonna dance till sunlight sunlight
Dip, ladies
Come on and dip ladies
Come on make some noise
Hey hey yeah, hey hey