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To my freakers x4
To my freakays x2
(shit!) Got the flow whip, we the new thang
LMFAO, here to make it bang
Imma just be rip--you're dancing on my soul
I wanna see you grip that sofa then pop it slow
Pop that booty bitch
Make it swang
Mmm jiggle jiggle
Girl do your thang
Now pop it up on your tippy toes
Let me see that booty
For all them hippy hoes
We got that game on Lizzy
I got my sippy-sippy
I'm feeling tippy-tippy
I got my goons with me
Until we getting dizzy
We don't stop
Until they turn on the lights or call the cops
Ayo, I'm a gigalo
Dancing on the floor with a packet of dough
If you're C-walking
If you're two-stepping
If your cranking that
Then it don't matter pimpin'
Even on Myspace they call my shit the bomb
If I keep it up I'll have more friends than Tom
Skyblu baby, I'm something new baby
How you describe your style?
Call it the new 80s
Gold chains, Just frames
The women all up on us 'cause we entertain
Stay fly, no lie
My momma named me sky
So high
I ain't your pusher man
But I got what you need
A double dose of Foo
A double dose of me
So if you C-walking
And you two stepping
And if you cranking that
Then it don't matter pimpin
Bounce, bounce, make it hot
Let me see that booty pop