Перевод песни Twila Paris – God Is All Around Us

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The sun behind the mountain is setting in the west
The bluebird and her little ones are gathered in their nest
And I am on my pillow because I need my rest
God is all around us, and He knows best
He's higher than the treetops in the tallest wood
Why He would come and speak to me, I'd tell you if I could
It makes me want to please Him in all the ways I should
God is all around us, and He is good
God is all around us everywhere we go
Caring for His children that's all I need to know
He's stronger than the eagle circling above
He's wiser the oldest owl more gentle than a dove
He's closer than pajamas that fit me like a glove
God is all around us, and He is Love