Перевод песни Fiend – Who Got The Fire (Feat. Snoop Dogg and Master P)

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Nah, I know, who's that solider, rollin longs nigga
Thicker than Monifah, it's I, capital F-I
The keeper of the reaper
Smokin cheba with my colonel P, Snoop and Mystikal
Pull over, I'm takin pullas
Fucked up, can't ya tell?
Take a smell, let me whiff that
Since God goes, you gone
Tatoos, that can only been choked, seven zones
I'm grown, and well known to be surviving in hell
Hangin round long enough to get through the clouds
It's something by (?)
Got a story to tell
Which is, the life of the baddest
Born from ashes, the smoke of dead, of an addict
Got to have it, cause baby boy, it's a habit
Puff it and fuck some pussy, and see which one I grab quick
I'm that sick, I need weed to proceed
Like a band-aid for a cut, hopin to stop the bleedin
No, not the seeds, I done paid for the pickin
Only the green stickin, for the record
(Fiend wanna know)
(Snoop wanna know)
(Fiend wanna know)
Ever since my first puff, it seems I couldn't get enough
But I just couldn't quit I had to have another hit
I'm smokin green with a fiend by the age of eighteen
I chop a pound to the ground, went cavi on the triple beam
Once upon a time, before I used to bust rhymes
I had to scratch to get a nickel, in order to get a dime
But times done change, now I'm havin mines
And I'm protected by the tank, No Limit, and plenty nines
I grinds to the fullest, so when I'm finished I gots to pull it
I'm lookin for that green shit, boy you bite the bullet
For tryin to sell me bullshit
You know I'm lookin for the bombest weed in your town
Now, I'm a smoker
Now you know what that mean?
Check this out Fiend, everytime a nigga go outta town
Somebody always approach me talkin bout «I got the chronic
We got the chronic.» Muthafucka, chronic ain't brown with
Seeds and stems in the bag nigga. Who got it?
(We wanna know)
(Fiend wanna know)
(Snoop wanna know)
I'm a smoker (Say what?) I gives a fuck if you know
The front seat of my ride, is like a ashtray, hoe
I blows some good corn playa, this ain't no phase
My mood is purple haze, with Franky, Devi and Maze ([-?)
Must age, just in case, fumes floatin on ceilings
Yes, that's great feelins when herbal dealins get millions
Kill the muchies, every time I blaze
Sometimes I think I'm hustlin to support bloods and jades
But man, fuck it pays stayin high in the regular
Mean fiend personally steps over competitors
Nigga have it however, this brain is the bomb
Cause all my tank dogs wanna go to orbit and beyond
So up there on to the lawn, real g's can picture this
Look mom, no fingerprints, and smoke it to my fingertips
(Fiend wanna know)
(Tank wanna know)
(Craig D wanna know)
(No Limit wanna know)
Yo man, yo Beats by the Pound, man
What we get hiz-igh in the muthafuckin house
But check this out soldier boy
Pass me the muthafuckin weed, you're fuckin up the rotation
It's puff puff pass, ya heard me?