Перевод песни Pere Ubu – Say Goodbye

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The day recedes
It slides across some boards
Had some wings
Had some dusty tides rolling across the floor
What a strange debris left on a forign shore!
Who knows how it goes to go walking out that door?
Say goodbye
How hard I try
Some air to breathe
There’s no one half so sure
As a drowning man
Who knows he’s coming on up for more
Gimme words! Gimme words please
I heard a man did pray
Oh I never known a fear like it
Nothing left to say
How can I leave you when you won’t go away?
To get caught in the middle
Neither night, neither day?
I fell so broke up and it’s harder to be sure
But the whole wide world’s got to be
Rolling out of that door
How can I leave you when you won’t go away?
Am I am mule? Or a goat?
Or it’s my heart that’s bound to stay
I might be the barricuda’s nearest next of kin!
Oh man, here it comes
I said, it’s coming around again