Перевод песни As Cities Burn – Lady Blue

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I can explain why I cannot give my heart back
I left it with my lady blue
What was her name
She flew in and i caught her
I was a fool to let her go
She goes she goes with her hollow bones
She goes every year she’s back for the season
I have to keep my windows closed
I couldn’t shake what my mother warned me of
Try to keep me safe between the pews
I stepped away saw that love was outside
She wore a name just a different one
And they all say I’m sorry boy you shouldn’t fly with her kind
They found a way out of god’s love
Keepin' it pretty it’s gettin' pretty old
'round and 'round we go, we go around
'round and 'round we go, she won’t stay dead stay down
There’s an awful lot of holes I gotta dig
When I know you’re gonna climb back up again
Stay dead stay down
Stay across the sea but I know where you will be
When i look around and 'round we go we go around
'round and 'round we go she won’t stay dead stay down
Lady you’re a lure dancing on the bar
You know you are call 'em to the door hook 'em in the jaw
Just for tonight right
But maybe when you’re bored with the easy caught
And when I can’t afford another empty touch
Maybe then we’ll board our ships with a couple crashing hearts