Перевод песни Yazoo – I Before E Except After C

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I would. Stop. Because …
There will always be, because
There will always be, for two
There will always
Inside you can feel th-
Outside, you can see the difference
Inside. Stop. Inside difference
Outside, out- Stop
Inside, you can feel the difference
Feel the-
You can difference. Difference. Difference
You can see the-
Feel the difference
You can stop. Stop, and see the-
You can stop-
You can see the difference
Dragons, the policeman knew
Were supposed to breathe- to breathe fire. Fire
To breathe fire, and occasionally get themselves, get themselves
Slaughtered. Slaughtered. Slaughtered
He decided
That would definitely not be decided
Stop. Stop
Definitely not-
Stop. Stop
That would, that would, that would-
Definitely decided
Decided. Decided. Decided
Not not. Stop
Be decided
The basis of the all-important question
Involved in the mixing and the regeneration of a person’s voice
Incapable of any distinction between frequency response
Is such that the entire output is revealed in the voice
Is the actual voice itself of the voice being used
Is the voice being used?
Is the voice being used
Used voice being used
Being used voice, being voice
This type of a formation can only be explained
When two or more separate units are linked together thus forming
A screen only detectable through specially designed equipment
On released that spot type floor
I decided to use the tools available
Stop. Stop. The tools available
Stop. Stop. Upon me
Force the tools available
Yes, I’m all right