Перевод песни Peter Brown – Love In Our Hearts

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Well you got to clap your hands, it's a long way to heaven,
You can't let living way you down.
As far as I'm concerned, it ain't no good for nothing
To worry 'bout where you're bound.
You got to be a friend to your brothers and sisters
You got to help them see the light
As far as they're concerned life is a journey in darkness,
Their love is shining through the night
And we got love love love in our hearts tonight,
We got love in our hearts
And we got love love love in our hearts tonight
We got love in our hearts
Well there's got to be a way, we could help one another
Don't have to face the world alone.
We gotta hold the hands up, someone who needs you.
Help him on a journey home
You got to close your eyes, to see tomorrow,
Imagine what the future could be.
Should you be concerned, bout the way things going,
Then make it only love that you see
Oh but that's the way, that the world keeps on turning,
Round an round we go.
As far as I'm concerned, well it may not be heaven,
But it's better then what's down below.
So let's all join hands, and head for that rainbow,
Keep working till our dreams come true.
And we all live together, in the promised land,
And start the world new.