Перевод песни Bing Crosby – Looking At You

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My life is like an open book
And as I glance back through the pages
I see the chances, I often took
Though I was never too courageous
Life’s never easy all the time
The hills you climb
Often lead no where
Of ups and downs
I’ve had my share
That’s what life is all about
I’ve known success
Some mild acclaim
And thinking of it gives me pleasure
And I’ve had some stress
The scars remain
When Lady Luck gave me short measure
When things went wrong
I’d fake a smile
But that’s my style
'Cause I’ve been around
And having been being around, I’ve found
That’s what life is all about
It’s been a joy, I can’t deny
Though some may think
I took things lightly
But man and boy, I look on High
And never fail to thank Him nightly
When I look back, I can’t forget
The friends I’ve met
And the things they’ve done
I thank 'em all
It’s been great fun
As for me, I have no doubt
That’s what life is all about
That’s what life is all about