Перевод песни The Hollies – This Is It

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Well I've known this girl forever
From the playground to the dance hall
From the same old dirty housing
All her friends I will call my friends
All the time we call our own
Well we used to stand together
Now I stand alone
This is it, how was I the last to know
This is it, how was I the last to know
This is it, it's touch and go Well I should've seen it coming
Well I should've read the signs
She was gone in the morning
Left me with red eyes at night
Well she couldn't even tell me Didn't tell me Cause my courage must've failed her
Turning out the light
What if I should find you
Drag you to your room
That's the trouble you've been go too soon
Well I hope you make it big time
Well I hope you got it right
That you say you got no heart to put up a fight
Maybe I'm new to this small town
But I still got more than you
Why don't you just try and call me When you're passing through
What if I should find you
Take you to a movie
That's the trouble you been go too soon