Перевод песни Al Jarreau – Jacaranda Bougainvillea

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Oh what a dream, Oh what a story
Don't have to weep, Come and enjoy a smile
Opening scene is just like a doorway
Here's a story, in rhythm and rhyme
There is a tree on the street and in the forest
Lavender dream whispered a poet
Bright potpourri. The envy of orchids
When it's dressed in a pink and fuchsia twine
Jacaranda tree and the Bougainvillea vine
Oh Mandela, that garden that you made
Is a vision of the prayer, you must've been prayin' everyday
Sweet Azaleas, every color every kind
And the first and the last are all divine
There is a dream of the trees and of the flowers
There is a season of peace at the borderline...
Where we're redeemed and history will crown us
Jacaranda tree and Bougainvillea vine
Oh Mandela, would you say that it's alright?
When the children play they always say, they say that we were like
Cinderella, in your garden there's a shrine
To the first and the last they're all divine
One and all, big and small, a common birth
Each and every child for all his worth
Take the one who's always last and make him first
Take these seeds. Seed the earth
Comin' along
Oh what a long way we have come
Comin' along
Makin' a home for everyone
Comin' along, way down South in Africa
Look at (Study) the Jacaranda tree huggin' the Bougainvillea