Перевод песни Genesis – Inside And Out

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Seems they're letting him out next year
He's behaving himself I hear
Governor Conway says it will be fine
Just as long as he can tow the line
So it's the same old story
But it says here 'Mum you're not to worry'
'Cos some you lose and some you lose
At this party, he was on his own
All he did was say he'd take her home
But it seems they didn't go straight there
'twas on the porch, she told him,
'put your hand here'
It's the same old story
They told her mum she's not to worry
'If what she says is so,
we'll never let him go!'
'Never a word could be heard
Not even the sound of a bird
Singing it over again, telling a different story
Never the same as before
See the summer going out by the door'
And now that you've paid for those lies
Get another disguise
'It's twenty years now since our Kid came free
Oh I remember August '53
But it wasn't quite like they said
With that behind you, you can't plan ahead
So it's the same old story
They say you're free, don't worry
What they said's not so They never let you go!'
'Never a word could be heard