Перевод песни Vikki Carr – The Silencers

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Oh a gun can be a .22
Or a .38 and it will silence you
Dear sir, that is a silencer
But if you should see a lady
Who has the kind of waist that measures 22
And she's 38 where it is great to measure 38
Dear sir, she is a silencer
Dear sir, I'm her
I don't use a knife, don't need a gun
My equipment is a lot more deadly, son
Dear sir, I am a silencer
And if you're a man not made of wood
When I flip my hips, I'll quiet you for good
Let me brush your lips and crush your lips
And nicely hush your lips
Dear sir, I am a silencer
Dear sir, don't stir, don't move, relax
Loosen your tie
Turn out the light
Take of your shoes
Don't fight
Lean back
Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax
Dear Sir!