Перевод песни High Tide – Nowhere

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Venture in through other dreams
Find the gates of those that seems the handshakes lie
Costly are the days of doubt
Marking time and shutting out each warming smile
Only one so do I reach
Upon the bed of cool we sleep to live and die?
Estimating what we know
And what should be the goal between a laugh and cry?
And nowhere is there me…
As in worn out song it’s far enough away
But thought was swallowed if has kissed
The single mind goodbye
Featured on the highest screen
Effigies of souls are seen to come and go
Moving through the mists of fear
Fortified with haze or cheer they come to know
But somewhere there is you…
As they wanna song it’s far enough away
The thought was swallowed it has kissed
The single mind goodbye
From the stage, there is no door
At your feet the moving floor decides to burn
No appeal falls on the ear
Suddenly the way is clear again you turn
But nowhere is there me…