Перевод песни Steve – Hunger

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When I look down into my soul
I, I can see you bleeding
It’s so tragic that I can’t control
These reckless feelings
I’d stand naked in the freezing wind
To your glory and honor
But how can I win this war
When I can’t even face the battle and
Well here in my Garden Of Eden
There’s a coming thunder
Well maybe if it tears me to pieces it will
Kill this aching hunger and
And it hurts
You know it hurts so good
I know it hurts
I said
Maybe in time peace will reign
And end this insanity
Maybe the meek shall inherit the earth
But I pray you inherit me
But now my Garden Of Eden
Is a barren tundra
If you could cut into my heart
You would touch my aching hunger
And it hurts
You know it hurts so good
Oh God it hurts
It hurts
Yeah, and I let it burn
Because I like it
I don’t mind the infection
It’s coming down
It’s coming out hard
It’s crashing on me
It’s in a twinkle
Now it’s in a breeze
And it passes
So subtle and elusively
Try to grab it
But it’s gone and the rage that it fires up
Is like a blow torch in your face
And it hurts
Oh it hurts
Yeah, you know it hurts so good
Oh it hurts