Перевод песни Yann Tiersen – La Valse Des Monstres

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Le Vent Du Nord
Dans Les Airs
La Piastre Des Etats
When we speak of marriage, yes that funny
Yes that funny hobby, I wouldn’t say
For if my tender maid would go, I would suffer martyrdom
One day I ask my wife what I will do to-day
What you will do to-Day, you will get the flour out
You will fin a bag at the nearer neighbour lady
I wasn’t already arrived, my wife came and fetch me My wife came and fetch me with and blow whit a screener
Ah! hurry hurry home, you shall find what to do Sorry, sorry, sorry my wife, sorry sorry for this time
Sorry sorry for this time, il was my friend dear-Pierre
Who got me to the cabaret, I who didn’t wanted to drink
Ah! it’s to drink, to drink to drink, ah! it’s to drink that we need
Ah! it’s to drink that we need, always the old use
Ah! if somebody could pay the drink, my cold would disappear