Перевод песни Houston – Allright

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Woo shawty u hurt me babe
Saw ur body a mile away
I realy dont know who you came here with, coz all I see is what your workin with
I gotta get your number or somethin
We need to get together or somethin'
You got the hole package that a players been look for, girl u are.
Last little chick walkin in her skirt
Shawty on fire like she got that work
Look like a model with that
Acting like she gettto with that
Last little chick walkin in her skirt
Uhuh allright
Ain't nothin left to see we need a diploma
Uhuh allright
You know what I mean why u playing little mama
Uhuh, Its too crouded baby
Allright, Lets get up out of here baby
Uhuh, Allright
Lets go right now hit the door right now
Hey u lovin, one fing in your ear
Dont you babes
And the drink is tellin you we need to get up out of here
Ain't it babe
Now look i ain't come here to spend a night at the club
I came here to catch some love
So quick show me the exit
And im a go on here its like window
This is truly an introduction introducing Houson
Jazze Phinzal Washingtinzal, I see ya daddy
Ur shining player
Ladies n Gentlemen